Birthday celebrations

Birthday celebrations

This is me at 24. (Well, this picture is actually 1.5 days short of 24… but you get the point).

I had a great weekend celebrating my birthday. The fun started Friday when I got home from my internship. For the first stop on my birthday date night with Terry, we stopped at Trader Joe’s to pick up a few of my favorite things…. cheese and chocolate! 

Terry wouldn’t tell me what our night entailed, but I assumed it was going to be a new-to-me restaurant. We made a few detours, like Trader Joe’s and Barnes and Noble. I was mighty curious as to where we were going, but I trusted him that it would be something I’d love.

It ended up being something more than what I anticipated. He brought all my friends in town to throw me a surprise birthday party! I was actually very surprised and thrown off. He did a good job playing his part. My friends did not give me any clues either. 

My friends from grad school were there, in addition my childhood/life long BFF Rachel who lives in Nashville. My good friends Josh and Becca were there with their baby too.

We had Marco’s pizza (my fav take out pizza) and ice cream cake. Y’all, I LOVE ice cream cake. It’s seriously my favorite dessert. This one was picked out by Rachel, chocolate chip ice cream with chocolate cake.

We spent the night laughing and attempting karaoke. It was great. I was smiling the whole evening. I was so impressed that Terry was able to keep it a secret.

Terry also stuffed a pinata…

With popcorn, dark chocolate, and orbit chewing gym. The boy knows me so well!

On Saturday, I filled my day with fun.

-Bagels in the morning with my grad school friends

-Eyebrow wax in the afternoon=this was my first time doing a professional wax, I loved it! It actually felt good?

-Birthday party for my niece Abbi who turned seven. The red velvet cake turned out great, by the way! A tad stressful, but I covered it in chocolate chips to make up for my below average icing skills.

-Dinner with Rachel at an Asian restaurant we frequented when we were younger. 

My actual birthday was spent relaxing and going to church. I did celebrate with starbucks, a free sub, and a leftover slice of ice cream cake though. Thank you for all your kind wishes- texts, comments, etc. It means so much. My life is so rich.

Tomorrow I’ll be back with a more serious post. It’s about my birthday present to myself. Stay tuned!

So you tell me,

Favorite memory from the weekend?


Top 3 Friday #27

Top 3 Friday #27

Hey friends!

Today I’m giving a little abbreviated Top 3 Friday. Here’s 3 things that happened this week that stood out to me-

1. My birthday is on Sunday. I’ll be 24. My mom’s birthday was yesterday. She turned 50. My sister’s birthday was Wednesday. She turned 27. My niece Abbi’s birthday is tomorrow. She’ll be seven. This birthday week for my family, obviously. I’m making a red velvet cake for Abbi tonight for her party tonight. Wish me luck. It’ll be my first red velvet ever. We celebrated mom’s birthday last night with birthday cake and Mexican food.
I honestly would have loved to do more, but it kind of snuck up on me. I think she enjoyed the quiet night with family. Well, as quiet as a night can be with 5 year old. I see more and more what an amazing role model she is. She’s a strong and independent lady who will set her mind to things and then get them done. I really admire her for that. She really is an incredible lady.
^It’s alright mom, I forgive you. 😉

2. This week was much more laid back than last week, which was nice and helped to build my confidence. It was my last week in long term care until January. I am going to miss the faces I got to see daily. The cool thing about long term care is the patients don’t change so often, so you can really get to know them. It also means having them around long enough to really see a change. The more relaxed days meant more relaxed evenings too.

3. One of my favorite treats from the week was having my best friend in-town from Nashville. We grabbed dinner together Tuesday night and then on Wednesday she came over for dinner and went with church with me. I made this crockpot chicken taco chili and we both loved it with cheese and tortilla chips. I keep reminding her this could be our normal lives if she came back to me. She’ll be here through the weekend too. Quite the birthday present, if you ask me.

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Now you tell me,

What are 3 things that stood out from this past week?

The daily grind (WIAW)

The daily grind (WIAW)

What’s going on guys?
Today I’m sharing my eats from yesterday for WIAW. Find the rest of the good eats here!
I’m currently in week four of my dietetic internship and it is going by so fast. So far, I’ve spent my time in a long term care/rehab facility, which has been fun. I did the majority of my volunteering pre-internship in long term care, so I’ve enjoyed using the skills I learned earlier and building on those. Nutrition care for the elderly is so different from care for most other populations. The goal is for patients to have as few restrictions as possible and be able to eat food safely. We are usually encouraging patients to eat plenty and prevent weight loss.
As far as my days go, I usually wake up around 5:40 am to take the dog for a ~15 minute walk. As soon as we get back in, I start making coffee and getting breakfast together.

Breakfast: baked oatmeal with sunflower butter puddle -> I used my pear and chia baked oatmeal recipe but used apples from my recent apple picking trip instead of pears.

Breakfast time was spent reading over materials on tube feedings for the critically ill. Sometimes I spend the morning reading blogs and sometimes I spend it going over nutrition related things. It just depends on my mood/how motivated I am.

Once I got to my internship, I spent time doing diabetes education with a patient and attending a long meeting for treatment team, where we discuss the comprehensive treatment plans for various patients. I also got started on some notes.
By the time I had lunch, I was starving. I believe that I need to add more protein to my breakfast so that I’m not so shake-y hungry by 11. I read a research article the other day that suggested 30 grams of protein for breakfast to ensure satiety. I have about 15 grams to go…

Lunch: Egg sandwich -> two boiled eggs on hearty whole grain bread with mayo, mustard, and spinach.

Plus a glamorous side of grapes with a few walnuts. I brought cabbage to eat too, but I forgot a fork. Oops!!

I was sooo tired this afternoon. I don’t know why, but I could have used some afternoon coffee. I managed to finish two nutrition assessments with determination. I eventually walked around the unit to visit some patients, which helped to wake me up some. I really wish I had a standing desk. I think that would help some.

I was excited to get off, because after work I headed to see my very best friend. She’s in town from Nashville and I’m so excited for all the plans we have together this week while she’s here. We caught up over coffee. I had a mini dark chocolate peanut butter cup too. Yum! I joked that the coffee was only about 6 hours late. 😉

We went to dinner at a local place, Groucho’s. It’s one of her favorites and we usually hit it up when she’s in town.

Dinner: tuna salad-salad (with SO much iceberg lettuce, I couldn’t finish it), with a tangy honey mustard dressing, and crackers. Plus diet coke!

Because we’re running low on groceries, I ran by Kroger on the way home. I tried to hurry because I was missing The Voice! Lol.

I did some arm exercises and then some dishes while I watched TV. Then it was time to settle in with some dessert!

Dessert: vanilla ice cream with PEANUT BUTTER cheerios.

Funny story, I was going to buy frozen yogurt, but when I saw the ingredient list I was turned off by the long list of weird ingredients. I chose all-natural Breyers vanilla instead, which only had 5: MILK, CREAM, SUGAR, TARA GUM, NATURAL FLAVOR. Much better.

Then I stayed up about an hour later than I should have before I crashed. I’ll try better next time, okay?

So you tell me… 

What do you do to beat the afternoon slump?

Favorite source of caffeine?