Friendsgiving fun

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas-

We spent Friday evening strolling around the State House with coffee in hand looking at the Christmas lights. The coffee shop we went to didn’t have drip coffee at that point, so I tried an Americano. Not my thing, I don’t think. It was rather weak. It served it’s purpose as a warm drink as our noses iced over, though.

When we got home, I made some saltine toffee to bring with me to our Friendsgiving we had on Saturday. Not only was this insanely easy to make, it was addictive! Holy crap, it was SOOOO good. We ate it up at the party. I used this recipe, but used chocolate without peanut butter, and walnuts for topping.

Saturday morning Terry and I met my Dad for breakfast at a local cafe, Carolina Cafe. They got breakfast sandwiches and I got a sundried tomato bagel with cream cheese. I love how those bagels taste like pizza a little bit! I also got a nonfat latte for some protein and foam-love.

We had great conversation. I always learning something hanging with my Dad.

I spent the rest of the morning/early afternoon in the kitchen. I turned up my Iron & Wine Pandora station and got to work. My preceptor lent me a cookbook recipe filled with Pensylvainia Dutch recipes. I used the cornbread recipe to make cornbread stuffing (another recipe in the book). It was an easy recipe, but with lots of steps. It was so relaxing- sauteing brussel sprouts and mushrooms in butter, chopping onions and celery, etc. I also made this green bean casserole. Everyone really liked that one.

Friendsgiving was hosted at my friend Rachael’s house. We made sure to get our standard stand in a line picture ;). Little Parker made this one even better.

As you would expect for a group of food/nutrition loving people, the food was stellar. everyone brought a dish or two to share.

Rather than choosing breadcrumbs OR cheese to top my casserole as the recipe suggested, I chose both!

The stuffing was a mix of cornbread and french bread with lots of veggies- celery, onions, mushrooms, and brussel sprouts. Almost half the group is vegetarian, so everything was vegetarian friendly too.

The works: stuffing with soy-based gravy, cheese pie, roasted potatoes, cranberry sauce, pineapple, tofurkey, green bean casserole, mac n cheese, and sweet potato casserole.

The evening was filled with chatting and games and secret Santa picking. I used Liv’s idea of having everyone write down something they were thankful for on a piece paper and then having the group guess who wrote what. Such a fun idea!

We also tried to get some “Family photos”, taken by my phone camera on self-timer leaned up against a vase… we do what we can, ha.

It was a great night. 

I’m so pumped for all the Christmas goodness- seeing friends more than normal, exciting church services, holiday parties, baking up a storm, and having warm drinks!

So you tell me-

What’s something fun you did/ate over the weekend?

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Staying current

Last night we started our Advent calendar and it rather hilarious. Terry was not satisfied with the idea of having just an itty bitty piece of chocolate everyday for 24 days. He claimed he wanted to “feast on the calendar” when I asked what he wanted for dessert. Don’t worry 23 doors remain closed.

Today I thought I’d go old school and post what’s going on “currently”-

Current Book: “Falling Free” by Shannan Martin. The author of this book was the speaker at the ladies’ retreat I went to in November. My mom bought her book and lent it to me to read. I’ve been reading it slowly, taking in bits at time. She’s an incredible writer- the book is written in a way that the words almost have flavor. So far the book is both eye-opening and convicting.


Current music: All the Iron & Wine on repeat. It’s perfect background music/easy listening.

Current guilty pleasure: Buying coffee at work. I’m sure I could push through those sluggish afternoons if I really wanted to, but coffee makes it so much easier. Thankfully the hospital has coffee for $0.99, so I’m not breaking the bank too much.

Current drink: Coffee, obviously. But also carbonated water thanks to my sweet friend Paige who gifted me with a SodaStream. I was so surprised and excited! I’ve been using it daily. She knows me so well!

Current food: A lot of Kind bars, thanks to Sara’s giveaway. I’ve had one for my afternoon snack everyday this week. Talk about the best giveaway win ever. I plan to share a full review of all the flavors I’m trying.

Current need: A cure to my never-ending gut issues. I totally understand why people want a magic pill for various health conditions. Trial and error is so very frustrating and can sometimes feel very hopeless. Throwing money out/stressing over what medication/supplement to take can be so all-consuming.

Current bane of my existence: The “reply to comments” cloud looming over me. I want to show love to my readers my doing this very nice thing, but it always ends up being the one thing I don’t cross off my list. (Just kidding there is always more than just “one thing”.)

Current indulgence: Letting my mind wander… ponder over words, lyrics, etc. I’ve been making a greater effort to listen to music I enjoy vs. whatever is on the radio. Listening to music that moves me has been so good for my heart/soul.



Current procrastination: Replying to comments. Various assignments. I never wanted to be a procrastinator, but I’m fairly certain that’s what I am. Oops.

Current blessing: Gosh. So much. Today, I’ll go with my internship. I’m loving it. Sure, it can be a source of stress/feelings of doubt, but overall I’m so incredibly grateful for this experience. I’m becoming a better version of myself.

Current excitement: Helllooooo- it’s Christmas season! There are a million things to be excited for. Currently I’m excited about the Friendsgiving I’m going to tomorrow.

Current video: I made this one up. I just wanted to share this video I watched yesterday and found to be interesting: “Men Got Photoshopped To Re-Create The Ideal Female Body And The Results Were Alarming” (click here for video).

Tell me this- what’s your current indulgence?

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Sipping on holiday drinks (WIAW)

Will you be celebrating the last day of November today? The summer and the holidays- the guaranteed periods of time to go by much faster than any other times. It’s hard not to feel excited, even though I hate to wish time away… but Christmas!

I’m sharing yesterday’s eats today. They were regular and kind of unexciting but for the most part, pretty satisfying. See other full days of eats here for What I Ate Wednesday!

Breakfast: Usual pancake with 1 egg + 1 egg white + 1 tbsp flax meal + 4-5 tbsp oats + 1/4 tsp baking soda + cinnamon + raisins. Plus coffee.

And of course, I had my brazil nut and small piece of dark chocolate. It may sound weird that I eat a brazil nut every morning, but I learned that one nut has a day’s worth of selenium, a mineral that works as a powerful antioxidant in the body. Dark chocolate is rich in polyphenols and flavanoids, so that’s why I call it my antioxidant blend :P.

Morning snack: an orange + more coffee but this time with almond milk and stevia.

I spent most of the morning in the dialysis center, which was a new experience for me. Renal disease/dialysis is such focused-area in dietetics, so I’m excited to get some experience in it.

Lunch: rather unattractive leftovers: tuna salad and lentil soup. I made this lentil soup and it turned out really good. Terry approved.

Afternoon snack: As I worked on an assessment, I snacked on this Kind bar. This one had a super strong honey flavor.

I’m working on a few different little projects at my internship, so the afternoons are productive and speedy. Sometimes too speedy, I feel like I need more time!

At home, I surprised myself by doing a circuit workout. I’ve really struggled with working out since the time change. We were going to the Riverwalk almost every night for me to run, but now that it gets darker so much earlier, it’s rare that we go. I am not a member of a gym right now either, since ya know, I work for free. Room is limited in my apartment too, but I can manage. Last night I broke down and looked up workouts on Pinterest. I ended up really loving the workout. I’ll have to do that more often.

Dinner: it was sooooo good. Mashed sweet potatoes (just baked sweet potatoes mashed with garlic, salt, and black pepper), spinach and feta sausage sauteed with onions, arugula, and creamy harvati cheese on top. I also had a dollop of sour cream on the potatoes. I could eat this daily!

After dinner, we went to Target for some perusing. Well, we actually went so Terry could take back his sweater, but he forgot that at home. Ooops. We stopped at Starbucks and I got a skinny peppermint mocha. It was pretty good, probably my favorite of the holiday drinks. Nothing beats a soy latte though. 

I also had a handful of frozen grapes while crying over This is Us. That show gets me every time. Now I’m about to hop in bed and I hope that I won’t regret that I forgot to order decaf. :O

Tell me-

Favorite holiday drink?

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