Dairy farm trip + Top 3 Friday #24

Dairy farm trip + Top 3 Friday #24

Woah, this was one busy week! I am exhausted, but also energized in the way of being ready to take on the world. Ya know what I mean?

Yesterday I had a blast going to a dairy farm with my fellow dietetic interns. We got to meet some cows…

^This one was only a day old!

We learned that calves drink at most 2 gallons a day, whereas a dairy cow will typically produce 6-8 gallons of milk. They make enough for all of us.;)

I loved getting to talk face-to-face with the farmers themselves. Being there, I realized just how much hard work and dedication such a job would take. We were all drenched in sweat after an hour of being there and we didn’t even do any work!

One thing we talked about was antibiotics and growth hormones in cows. Antibiotics are used as little as possible and when a cow must be treated with antibiotics, all of their milk is dumped until the antibiotics are no longer in their system. Most farmers are a part of co-ops that agree to not use growth hormones. The milk is tested both at the farm and at the plant before being processed. If the milk is contaminated, the farmer is issued a HUGE bill. Much bigger than what they sold the milk for. Humane treatment of the cows is vital for both farming processes and ensuring milk production. Happy cows mean happy milk!

To be honest, I’m not a big milk drinker, but I do love other dairy products like cheese and yogurt. I’m thinking about adding a glass of milk to my day because of the nutrients it provides are so plentiful- magnesium, vitamin D, calcium, and potassium.

It’s been a filled week. I’m going to try to sum it up in this week’s Top 3 Friday!

Top 3 Eats

  1. Naan Pizza. On Sunday night before I left for our internship I made Terry and I this super easy dinner: naan bread with tomato sauce, hummus, carrots, and goat cheese.

2. Burrito bowls. For our first night of orientation, we decided to make burrito bowls. Rice, black beans, cheese, salsa, iceberg lettuce, and corn. This was so good! I don’t know why we don’t make this more often.

3. Brinner. For another dinner, we all pitched in a made brinner- great comfort food for tired girls! Banana pancakes, roasted potatoes, ketchup, and egg. 

Top 3 Lows

  1. I had a bit of stressful weekend trying to get everything before leaving for Rock Hill for the week. Everything came together, but it was quite a scramble!
  2. I miss Terry! I’ve been in Rock Hill for the week and haven’t seen him since Monday. I’m ready for seeing him and Jules tonight.
  3. Summer is gone!

Top 3 Highs

  1. Spending time with my friends. One of the perks of orientation being in Rock Hill is getting to stay with my friends. I’m savoring this since my social life will be limited once my orientation starts.
  2. Orientation. This whole week I’ve learned so much from various seminars and talking to my fellow RD-to-be’s. I’m so excited to get started in the hospital!
  3. Date night with Terry this past Saturday. I loved getting to go out on our new town together and share a meal at a new place.

Link up with your top 3’s – 

What’s your top 3 highs for the week?

Orientation fun plus WIAW

Orientation fun plus WIAW

Howdy friends!

How has your week been? It’s been a busy one for me so far. This week I’ve been spending my days in orientation for my dietetic internship. I’m so out of touch with the interwebs right now….

I’m sharing my eats from yesterday today- linking up with the What I Ate Wednesday gang.

To run out some stress, Kelly and I went on a early morning 3-mile run. It was only 60 degrees outside, so the run felt super easy compared to the 90 degree runs that I’ve been having this summer. I felt like I could have easily gone longer, which always feels good.

Breakfast: blueberry baked oatmeal with sunflower butter and a big mug of coffee.

With so much information being thrown at me, it would be really easy for me to feel overwhelmed. I remember when I used to get a syllabus at the beginning of a class and I would start to freak out about all the things I had to get done. The pressure would build as I got further into the semester and deadlines got closer and closer. The best thing I learned to do was to take everything day by day, one assignment at a time. So even though I have a bajillion things to do over the next 8 months, my goal is to stay focused on one assignment at a time, while being prepared to continue to keep checking things off my list.

Some grapes in the morning plus more coffee and a side of pencil.

I’m taking in a lot of information right now, but I’m doing my best to be a sponge! Hearing about all the ins and outs of the different rotations has me so excited to start next week.

Lunch: Spinach salad, feta, walnuts, craisins, carrots, tomatoes, and cucumbers with balsamic vinaigrette. A side of cottage cheese.

Something I’ve been thinking about is how dang blessed I am to be where I am right now. I’ve made it to the place that I worked so hard to be. It’s here- it’s now. I don’t have time to be overly stressed about what’s ahead. It’s my time to grow.

Afternoon snack -> Smart Foods spicy ranch popcorn, a random buy at the store.

Apart from orientation, I’m staying with some of my friends while I’m here in Rock Hill, which has been fun too! It’s a crowded room of ladies, but I kind of love it. We’ve been watching Bachelor in Paradise, something me and Terry would normally not do. I really like it! It’s so ridiculous.

The entire internship group went out to dinner at a local restaurant after we got out. I felt like my meal was for a cowboy, if that makes sense. Haha.

Dinner: steak sandwich with sweet potatoes fries. This provided me with some leftovers!

Later in the night we relaxed and I had some toast with cream cheese before bed. I passed out rather quickly. So tired!

So you tell me-

Do you do well with stress?

What’s the most delicious thing you had yesterday? (baked oatmeal wins for me!)


End of summer

End of summer

Let’s take a moment of silence to recognize a most awesome summer..



It was seriously such a good one. With a vacation in Charleston, diabetes camp, camping trip, a successful move, and lots of friend/family time, I can say this is one of my best summers yet.
We wrapped the summer with a fun-filled weekend.

On Friday night, we celebrated my friend Rachael’s 25th birthday.

I had my first Indian food experience!

We opted for the buffet so we were able to try everything! The paneer saag (homemade cottage cheese with spinach and spices) was my favorite, with a close second of the dish that was made of cabbage, peas, and lots of spices.

Afterwards we went back to her place for cake/cookie cake, games, and dancing.

I made the chocolate cake but it ended up being quite a disaster in all appearances. The ganache didn’t harden like it was supposed to so it was like chocolate cake soaked it melted chocolate… So you can see that appearances were deceiving. I called it a dirt cake, since it looked like pudding from the top.

On Saturday night Terry and I went on a date. I was craving meat, so we headed to a new place in Columbia, Grill Marks.
My hot date^

I got a naked burger called the “French connection” which had brie cheese, Cabernet ketchup, caramelized onions, roasted garlic, and other spices. Terry went with the Hawaiian punch, that had pineapple, bacon, cheese, and jalapeño pesto. We shared many sweet potato fries.

Afterwards we went back home to pick up Jules for a family walk.

Other things this weekend included a couple of sweaty runs, studying med terms, and a brief visit with my mom.

Orientation for my internship begins today and lasts all week. I won’t start at the hospital until next week, so I have a feeling this week will be information overload. I’m still very excited see what it all entails!

So you tell me-

What are you looking forward to this week?