A brief rant about health headlines

I typed up this brief rant after having thought about for a few days. It’s not the most eloquent of posts, just some thoughts I’d like to get out there!

As a student of nutrition and future RD, I do my best to be in the know with hot topics that are developing in the field. I read journal articles, magazine clips, and position papers in order to stay up to date. Normally, I learn a lot of fascinating information. Not always applicable information, but typically it’s at least enlightening. 

Sometimes, however, I read a headline and just makes me angry. Now, it’s probably no surprise to you, but Health at Every Size has not caught on with the majority of the profession (much less the rest of the medical world), so many times these headlines center around weight loss. One particular headline really set me off recently- 

“Divorce May Shrink an Older Woman’s Waistline… while marriage may widen it, study suggests”

Now tell me, what do you think people imply from this headline? Is the article suggesting divorce as a viable weight loss solution, since you know, there are some people who would literally try anything to shed the pounds. Probably not, but it sure seems to be shining a desirable light on a negative experience. 

And what about these women who “shrink” following divorce? My guess is that a lot of the weight loss that comes after divorce is associated with mental health. Perhaps a woman loses her appetite and struggles to eat following a rocky divorce, leading to unintentional weight loss (a risk factor for malnutrition). Or maybe a woman leaves an emotionally abusive relationship where she was not able to tend to her own needs and now she is able to do things to make herself happy like exercise? 

The weight loss in these situations would not be because of positive reasons, but due to an emotional hardship. The study itself even mentions that a possible reason for weight loss in some divorced women is the return to smoking. We all know that smoking is not a recommended method of weight loss…

Another headline that made me a little angry-

Parenthood, not leftover pregnancy pounds, may cause weight problems

Yes, please, let’s make mothers even more insecure about their weight “problems.”. The article suggests that weight gain is associated with “inconspicuous lifestyle changes.” Well, of course! When a mother has a child, she takes on countless responsibilities that often mean having to eat for convenience or miss a workout. It’s not a surprise to anyone that having children often means spending less time on yourself, leading to possible body changes. It’s perfectly normal- and kudos to mothers who pour themselves out for their children.  

I’m sure my reaction to these articles seems a little over dramatic to some of you guys. My point of contention/annoyance is putting weight loss or weight gain  in the center of health as if it reflects how healthy some one is. I know plenty of people who weight gain meant a greater sense of being (I’m one of them) and I know plenty of people who weight loss reflected negative circumstances in their life.

Weight is not the measure of good health, despite what health headlines would like to imply.


Love in a bowl

If you caught the post Terry put up yesterday afternoon, you’ll understand why I consider myself beyond blessed to have had the same Valentine for the past year. He’s great with words. And acts of service-

He woke up early yesterday morning to make us breakfast. Terry typically sleeps 2 hours later than me (I’m an early riser), so him waking up early enough to make me breakfast was quite a feat. 

How do you feel about St. Valentine’s Day? I definitely agree that it’s a little overly commercialized (everybody wants to make a little $$$ off our feelings), however, I am a big fan of holidays in general and reasons to celebrate.

Terry mentioned that he knows I like flowers, but her prefers to gift me with things I love -> 

The man knows me!

For our Valentine’s Day dinner we opted to do something a little different. We had dinner in and dessert out! Columbia has several dessert-heavy spots and I’ve been itching to try some of them.

For dinner, I worked on the roasted broccoli and sautéed onions while Terry took care of the steak. I never buy red meat because it tends to be a little pricier, so steak is quite the treat for us! 

For dessert we went to Kaminsky’s Dessert Cafe in downtown Columbia. We got there a little before all the crowds swarmed in, so we had time to check out the various desserts and menus. This place has beautiful cakes, cheesecakes, sundaes, and milkshakes. Oh, and coffee drinks and alcoholic beverages. 

The plan was for us to split a dessert, but Terry was feeling ambitious and thought we should get our own. I went for the brownie sundae (and coffee) and T got the cookie sundae (and milk). 

These were glorious! Absolutely delicious. The warm brownie + cold ice cream could make a grown man cry. We definitely ate past the point of pleasure but man it was good. The coffee was strong and bitter which helped balance out the dessert. 

Such a treat!!

So you tell me-

How did you celebrate Valentine’s Day? 

Happy St. Valentine’s Day!

Just so we’re clear, this is not Kate. Instead, you’re getting a post from me, her husband.

Now that that’s over, I wanted to take some time to let you all know a few reasons why Kate is the best. Today is our eighth St. Valentine’s Day celebration, and I’m feeling extra overwhelmed thinking about my bride today.

February 2010

Kate has always been fun-loving. But I didn’t really understand that until we got married and started living together. I hate to say that I often get grumpy and easily annoyed, but she doesn’t. She takes life all in stride and enjoys every minute of it. She makes my life fun.

If you’ve read this blog for any amount of time, you know that Kate is a Dietetic Intern. You probably also know that she does not get paid for this internship. You all don’t get to see everyday Kate outside of her blog, but I do. When Kate gets home from work, she always has a smile on her face. It doesn’t matter what kind of day she’s had, she still has a smile. She’s always happy to see me (and Jules).

It doesn’t take long for her to start getting dinner ready. After waking up at 5:30am and working all day, she’s still happy to prepare dinner for us ever. single. night.

Being a youth pastor’s wife is quite the task. From the beginning of our relationship, Kate knew of my calling to youth ministry and has fully supported it. That meant two moves, plenty of nights apart, and more than enough all-nighters with a group of teenagers. And while there are so many highs in ministry, there have also been lows.

There hasn’t been one day when Kate expressed regret for being my partner in ministry. Even in the lowest of lows she has been right beside me holding my hand.

When family situations get out of hand, she always has a calm and loving response. When I’m low, she’s always lifting me right back up. Every time she’s hanging out with one of our nieces or nephews, I just think of how amazing she will be as a mom.

You probably don’t know this but Kate didn’t want a dog. True story. Hopefully she won’t get too into detail about that. Long story short, I did pick up Jules as a pup without her full consent (I promise it was a misunderstanding) three months before our wedding. She was angry. Over time she has grown to love Jules as family. More proof that she puts up with me even when I make a dumb decision.

A couple of years ago when Disney announced they had purchased Lucasfilm (Star Wars), I went back into the fandom in under 12 parsecs. And unlike my love for video games and professional wrestling, Kate jumped right into the recent Star Wars craze, falling in love with the series pretty quickly.

Spoiler alert: Kate’s phone background is a picture of Qui-Gon Jinn and young Anakin Skywalker:

I laugh when I see it, but to be honest, its a pretty big love deposit.

There is something truly mysterious and wonderful about marriage. The Bible talks about how the marriage relationship is really two people becoming one flesh. It didn’t make too much sense to me years ago. Now, it makes perfect sense.

We hurt when the other is hurting. We rejoice when the other succeeds. We know each other more than anyone else.

Kate works so dang hard for everything she has. She never, ever complains (true story). She’s always joyful. And I’m convinced that she’s all of her friends’ best friend. She sure is mine.

Kate is the most genuine person that I know, and it comes across in everything she does – especially in this blog. If you read her blog regularly, please know that she is 100% authentic in everything she talks about.

Katie, I always knew that I wanted to be a husband, but being your husband has truly been the biggest dream come true. You are the smartest, you are the most fun-loving, you are the most genuine, and you are the most beautiful. I will always choose you. I love you so very much. Thank you for being my best friend.