Not my best (but that’s okay)

And just like that- an entire week passes by!

Holy moly guys- last week was a whirl wind.

It was my first week back in inpatient and we were slammed. The days went by so fast and were non-stop. By the time I got home, I was exhausted. I spent the evenings making finishing touches to my case study. I was supposed to present my case study at the end of last week, but due to scheduling conflicts, it was postponed to THIS week. When I found out about the push back, my first thoughts were “sleep deprived for nothing!“, but after thinking about it I realized how glad I was to not be presenting in a caffeine-driven state of mind. I was looking rough by Thursday, no doubt.

As a direct result from last week, this week my weekly goal is to “get >7.5 hours of sleep every night”. 

I’ve got that nagging feeling of not being at “my best”. I’ve had to come to terms with where I am at right now and lower my expectations of myself.

I’ve been drinking far too much coffee and Diet Coke and not enough water. I’ve been able to exercise 3 times a week (4 if I’m lucky), despite my desire to hit 5 or 6, and sometimes my work out consists of walking my dog. I’ve been eating chocolate like it’s my job and although I am a full supporter of having some chocolate everyday, I realize my sugar cravings are a result of not enough rest. Skins a mess. My ability to focus is dwindling…

Yet, I know this is temporary. As an unpaid intern, I don’t have as much control over my life as I’d like. I’ve been giving parameters to work within and sometimes that means I’m up until midnight and sometimes that means I don’t get home until it’s too dark outside to go running. Or I’m too tired anyways.

Still- it’s mid-January and I’m all the more closer to the end of April. I may not be the “best version” of myself right now (I swear I don’t always cry at the drop of a hat), but I have to remind myself I am doing so much good for my future self right now. 

I’m learning SO much and I am becoming more and more confident in my skills. My hair may look a mess and I may be popping a Diet Coke open at 9:30 am, but I now feel totally confident walking into a patient’s room or speaking with a physician. 

From time to time, I just have to remind myself of what my priorities are at the moment. Right now, it’s to prepare myself to be a darn good dietitian. 

Shaping my perspective to see this time as a season of my life has helped me to release some of the pressure I’ve put on myself. It helps me to not feel stuck in a rut or like I’m falling behind in other areas of my life. There will be time soon enough to explore other parts of myself AND tend to every aspect of my health. 

To wrap this rambling post up, how about some food? 

Terry and I grabbed burgers & fries on Thursday (it was supposed to be in celebration of finishing my case study-haha) at Red Robin. We had never been and it was thanks to a gift card we got to try it. I got a burger with blue cheese, steak sauce, and crispy onions. The fries were great- they had some sort of special seasoning. 

Enchilada + cheese board at our friend’s house for Saturday night dinner. Every party should involve a cheese plate, if you ask me. 

And lastly, a crepe for breakfast at Crepes and Croissants. My friend Rachael and I have started doing long runs together on Saturday morning followed by breakfast. I’m so glad I have her to run with because things can get a little boring after 4 miles. My crepe had eggs, mozzarella, and caramelized onions. She was generous enough to let me share a little of mine for a little of her s’mores crepe. 

So you tell me-

What are the healthy habits that tend to drop off when your life gets crazy?

About food and parchment paper

I didn’t intend for my blog to become a live journal of random things in my life. (Though if this were truly Live Journal, I’d probably far more angsty). I guess I’m just not in the head space to force anything that I am not feeling. I do a lot of that in my internship. Not that it’s a bad thing, but I have a lot of boxes I have to check and sometimes I’m not feeling the activity that translates into the check. I’m most often learning plenty, but just like in school, I have to learn all the things, not just the things that interest me most.

So, for this blog space I prefer to keep things random and natural. Just think lots of food pictures and me professing my love for parchment paper. Have I told you how much I love parchment paper? I discovered it’s magical abilities to keep a pan relatively clean while doing some Christmas baking and I haven’t turned back. I used to see it as just an extra thing to buy, but now I’d be annoyed if I didn’t have it. 

Onto the food… over the break, I had lots veggie omelets for at breakfast time. I usually see them as too time consuming (they’re really not) to make when I first wake up so I bypass them, but something about waking up at 8 am instead of 5:30 am made me crave a big, veggie omelet with cheese. Perhaps my bodies awake enough to crave vegetables by the point in time? Who knows.

It’s no secret I love to cook for my friends, but every time I invite someone over to eat I go through the debacle of what to make. I’m ashamed to admit that I do not have a specialty, as I can never make the same thing too many times. On Monday night, we had some friends over and I made a big batch of enchiladas. The enchiladas were filled with chicken, refried beans, onions, and peppers. I made a quick enchilada sauce that was super mild to appease my wimpy husband ;). This is the second time I’ve made them for a group of friends and once again, they pleased everyone. So if you’re stuck on what to make for your friends, try enchiladas. Not to mention they are so customizable, so I could even please my veggie friends.

The best meal I had out over break was at a popular chain restaurant, TGIF, when I was out shopping with my mom. They had an array of options to pick for lunch combos, sandwiches, fries, soups, salads, etc. I went for a strawberry fields salad with mozzarella sticks. What a fun combo! The mozzarella sticks were definitely the frozen kind and not in-house, but man they were good. The salad had goat cheese which was of course a winner for me!

Did I tell you I got an espresso maker for Christmas? Well, I did! It’s one that will make both the espresso and steam the milk, necessities for a delicious latte. I’ve used it a handful of times and I’m still figuring out how to make a bangin’ latte, but so far so good. My biggest issue right now is sometimes it doesn’t come out hot enough? I should probably read the manual.

That’s all I got today. I suppose this is random enough to link-up with Amanda’s Think Out Loud Thursday.

So you tell me,

Best restaurant meal lately?


52 goals

Raise your hand if you had a traditional southern New Year’s feast this year!

My mother-in-law had us over yesterday for her famous barbecue plus the traditional collards and black eyed peas. At her request, I made the collards. It was my first time making them ‘southern-style’. They simmered for almost two hours with onions and pieces of ham. All the green lovers approved. I also brought the rice, which I cooked in broth from a brown sugar ham. So good. As a nutrition note, when vegetables are boiled, particularly if they are simmered for two hours, a lot of the nutrients seep out into the water. So go ahead and let the collard juice (sorry for that wording, haha) flavor the rest of your plate ;).

I think I’ll make my black eyed pea burgers with the leftover peas! Yum.

I hope everyone had a fun New Year’s Eve! At least I hope it was more fun than Mariah Carey’s NYE. We had a couple of friends over for pizza + salads + board games. 

Also, I loved reading Terry’s year-end blog post. Check it out.

What do you think regarding resolutions? I think I’ve accomplished 2 in my entire life. One was reading the Bible in a year, which was very cool. The other was only drinking soda on the weekends. That backfired when I would drink like 7 diet cokes on a Saturday. Restriction just doesn’t work! 

Instead of making a resolution for the year, I’ve decided to make it a goal to make a goal for each week. A goal each week = 52 TBD goals. Little goals work so much better for me. Sometimes I get overwhelmed if I think about ALL the things I have to do/accomplish over a larger period time, and I find breaking everything down helps tremendously. I had to remind myself of this constantly 

My goal this week is to finish and polish my case study that I’m presenting next week. (Sorry Marina, not a SMART goal ;)). Eek! I’ll be glad when that is behind me. I’ll tell you more when it’s over. 

My 52 goals will be decided on Sundays and will focus on areas I need to push myself a little more in at the time -cleaning the kitchen, going to bed at 10 pm, drinking enough water, getting my oil changed, calling a family member, or writing a hard blog post, etc. You get the idea.

And lastly… about the blog’s look. I don’t know. I don’t really like it. The font size of my previous template was annoyingly small and I can’t find a template I like very much. I’m not quite willing to pay for a template, so I’m going to keep playing around with it until I find something I like. Bear with me.

That’s it for today-

You tell me,

Have you ever tried making weekly goals?

Can you stick to year long goals?