Meals + SCAND

Today is the day- the last day I will call myself a dietetic intern! Did I say that?!! 

Yesterday I enjoyed the intern life at the South Carolina Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Annual Meeting. RDs and dietetic interns from all over the state come together to attend presentations, network, and share research.

Before heading out, I fueled up with breakfast. 

I made warm oats, which I really never make anymore. I like them, but find them to be time consuming to make (lots of stirring) and I get bored of them towards the end of the bowl. This bowl did keep me full for pretty long, so that’s a plus.

At the meeting I got to watch various presentations by RDs on topics like nutrition labels and vegetarian diets. My favorite presentation was by Leah McGrath, Ingles supermarket RD. She discussed the importance of helping clients to not fear the food on their plates and fight against “diet demagogues” like the Food Babe and Michael Pollan who induce fear of food. 

I drank far too much coffee.

Something she said that I really liked was along the lines of “nutrition is a science, not a belief system.” We so often get caught up with the perfect ways of eatings and demonize foods while ignoring the science. While I don’t think we need to totally take the emotion out of eating, I do think it’s useful to know the science. That way we can recognize that “chemicals” in food are in such small amounts that we don’t need to fear drinking almond milk with the teensiest amount of titanium oxide. (Titanium oxide is a mineral that is used for whitening, FYI.) Most of us recognize that foods like unicorn frapuccinos are not “health foods”, however, do we realize that our bodies can use the carbohydrates and fats found in the drink for our benefit? 

Lunch was a great mix of flavors- salad, pasta salad, waffle chips, berries, and a roast beef sandwich. The bread:meat ration was a little off for me. What ratio do you like? I’m a middle person. I want more middle. Oh, but the brownie hiding in the corner was very good. Just so ya know. 

During this meeting, I thought about how the nutrition is constantly changing. Part of the reason I love the field is because it is evolving- however this can be frustrating for RDs and for consumers. For instance, many RDs find it difficult to not recommend limiting intake of eggs, because for so long eggs were thought to raise cholesterol. Now, the research tells us something different: dietary cholesterol does not impact serum cholesterol. 

Lucky for me, it is all interesting, and I’m excited to follow all of the evolving research. But remember- most of our bodies don’t need research to tell them what’s best. We were built with that mechanism if we allow ourselves to listen!

For example- my body was cravings eggs last night, so this was the perfect dinner: 

So good. That’s it for me today… 

What’s you body craving this morning? 



Mid-week update

What’s up guys? How is your week going so far?

I am busy wrapping up my internship here at Winthrop. This is the true final week. Part of this week is a review course for the RD exam, which after just one day has helped to boost my confidence in taking it. It’s like all the knowledge is there, I just need a good review session to pull it all out. 

The review course is set up a lot like a lecture class, which is how I like to learn. I am an auditory learner and find it much easier to pay attention compared to reading on my own. This is the last time I’ll be in a “classroom” setting like this, so I’m letting the eager student in me really enjoy this one. Lucky for me the field of nutrition means lots of continuing education, so I will never really stop learning.

I am going to miss Winthrop days. Especially since it meant several of my girlfriends all huddled up in the same house for a week. If this internship experience has taught me anything, it’s how much I appreciate and need time with my girlfriends. 

Bagels makes the best breakfast in a crowded house. 

I don’t mean to sound cheesy, but having friends (who get it) to vent to or share random funny experiences makes everything so much better. During my undergrad, I didn’t mind doing things solo most of the time, but I don’t think I knew quite what I was missing out on.

On that note, it’s time for me to hit the sheets before another big day of reviewing!

I hope you are not tired of these brief update posts… I think more good stuff will be coming soon. 🙂


“You did it”

Today is a special day.

Somehow, it is April 21st and I’m spending my last day as an intern in the hospital. My few weeks of food service management sped by and now I’m here. I didn’t expect to enjoy my food service rotation, but I did some fun things.

Like have our kitchen staff try out a meal to possibly be added to the menu. 

Teriyaki salmon, brown rice pilaf, and roasted brussel sprouts. I convinced the brussel sprout-haters they had to give the roasted version a try, because it taste so much better. (Am I right?) They agreed with me apparently because all three dishes got great scores.

 Throw in a few test trays to the mix and an incredibly fun staff, it was a good time spent hanging out in the kitchen.

How do I feel? Relieved and excited. Nervous and unsettled. Sad to say goodbye, eager for a new adventure as an RD. Tired. 

What’s next? Wrapping things up at school next week, studying for the RD exam, and job hunting! Oh, and a little bit of resting. Sleeping in a few times. Cleaning my house. 

And now, on to the weekend! Eat something good and listen to this song: