Spicy and sweet weekend

In case you didn’t know, I share the immense love for the weekend with the rest of the world. I think no matter how much I love my job, I will always welcome the weekend as a time to do something different and laugh a little harder than usual. 

This weekend was packed with friend time. On Saturday, I celebrated my friend’s birthday with her. She wanted to get Indian food, which is something I never do. Terry isn’t into Asian food as much, so when I am with him we don’t usually go for that. However, every time I have it I am reminded how much of I like it! 

We shared garlic naan and I ordered a black lentil stew-type dish (Daal Makhani) which was fantastic. I got it spicy because I love the heat! Also, does anyone else find that basmati rice is so much tastier than regular rice? 

The homemade version of the dish looks rather intense… but maybe worth a try?

Since the weather has taken a turn for the better (aka warmer), we went on a short trail walk to soak up some sun. 

Looking forward to more afternoons like this!

Because all birthday’s need cake, we stopped by my old work and got cupcakes. Peanut butter Oreo for me. Stopping by reminded me how I much I loved this job and kind of wish I could go back to it! That was such a happy place for me. 

Aren’t those plates beautiful?

On Sunday morning, Terry and I had breakfast together before church. It was a silent breakfast since he’s so not a morning person. 

You’re looking at toasted Irish soda bread, one slice topped with butter and and the other cashew butter, I used Sally’s recipe this year and it was delicious! Sally never does me wrong. I gave a good bit away, so I’m sad to say it’s all gone. I don’t think I’ll wait until St. Patrick’s Day 2018 to make another batch. 

I somehow made plans for every night this week (oops), but now that my two TV shows are over for now (The Bachelor and This Is Us), I’m hoping to get a little more blog writing done ;).

Now you tell me-

What’s one fun thing you did this weekend? 

Skating by

Happy Friday, friends and readers.

I want to say… I miss you. I miss regularly updating you and I miss interacting through comments and I miss reading your commenting on your blog post. Very few times throughout this internship did I feel like I was “coasting.” I often felt like I was skating uphill or swerving around corners trying not to miss my next turn. Right now I feel like I am skating downhill at full speed trying to grab onto everything around me that I can manage. Good thing I enjoy skating 😉

Oh, full disclaimer, I am drinking A LOT of coffee…

The excess coffee + lack of sleep hasn’t affected to me too badly thankfully, other than a breakout. My current rotation for my internship is stimulating and exciting, so I don’t really feel very tired. It’s the very kind of work that energizes me. However, I know that this will catch up with me very soon, so I’m going to try to sleep a little extra this weekend.

South Carolina decided to be real weird on this week and throw freezing temps at us. It’s been about 60 F for a while now, so you can guess that I was a little unprepared for an icy walk to the office…

My highlights from this week were being able to make two yoga classes and getting a chance to sit in a coffee shop to get some reading done. I ordered a strong coffee + a toasted cheese croissant to snack on while reading. My dad’s favorite is the cheese croissant so I thought I’d give it a try myself… yes please! Oh yeah, and The Bachelor finale. This is my first season getting into the show since like… 5th grade. 

Since today is Saint Patrick’s day, I plan to make some green foods tonight. Last night I baked a loaf of Irish soda bread that I’m ready to dig into as well! I <3 holidays and reasons to celebrate. 

What are your plans for the weekend? 

Am I domestikated?

You know what I’ve never discussed on the blog? My blog’s name!

I got the idea of the name from my best friend’s mom, who commented something like “she’s dometiKATED” on a picture of a dinner that I had made for Terry. I was like, that’s genius! I had planning to start a blog after Terry and I got married. I imagined myself journey-ing into a woman who would find her way as a homemaker. To be clear, before this time I was never very good at cleaning or making things or growing plants.

When I think of the word “domesticated” I think of-







Based off these words, the most domesticated thing (and pretty much only thing) about me is my skills in the kitchen. 

I (wrongly) assumed that with marriage and moving in with Terry to start my life as a wife, I’d grow a desire for all things ‘domesticated’. While my love for cooking and experimenting in the kitchen has only grown, I am still not a tidy person nor have I been able to keep a plant alive. And maybe it’s because my life has been busy with grad school and now the internship that those qualities haven’t had time to cultivate… or maybe it’s just what I’ve always thought and I don’t have a homemaker bone in my body. 

By the way, I don’t think these are “required” qualities of a woman (puh-lease), however, I did hope that this could be a thing for me. It’s qualities I totally admire in others.

Maybe you can relate to my tendency to fantasize ideal versions of myself. For example, I fantasized that I can be super organized and have color-coded notes and crosses through all the days that have passed in my planner. In reality, my notes have scribbles that are barely coherent to me and a planner I remember to use 1/4 of the time. Oh, I totally fantasize about being someone who wakes up every morning for my daily yoga session and drinks tea instead of coffee because I don’t want to be addicted…. you get the picture. I thought marriage would turn me into someone with plants successfully growing on my back porch, a keen eye for messes, and a bed that’s made every morning. Alas… I was wrong.

Will I one day be that person? Perhaps, but I’m not banking on it (sorry Terry).

So no, I’m not particularly domesticated as it turns out. 

I’ve thought about changing my blog name, but nothing has stood out to me so far. Maybe when I become an RDN more ideas will pop up. So for now, I’ll stay domestiKated, with my very customized version of the word. 

So you tell me-

Are there qualities you tend to fantasize having?