We’re moving (+WIAW)

We’re moving (+WIAW)

Hello, my friends.

Today is July 27th. July 27th!! How in the world have we found ourselves at the end of July? I have to say, July is probably my favorite month. It’s SO hot, but it’s SO summertime.

Mixed in with a brief life update is my eats from Sunday. I’m linking up today with the What I Ate Wednesday party! Check out other bloggers here.

If you read my post on Friday you saw that I am moving. We aren’t moving too far away. We are moving to Columbia, SC, which is about an hour away from Rock Hill, SC, where we are now.

Breakfast: single serving oat pancake (1/3 cup oats, 1/3 cup egg whites, pinch baking powder, spoonful of Greek yogurt) with almond butter and microwaved blueberries. Consumed with lots of coffee followed with watermelon.

We won’t be totally blinded by a new town. Where we are moving is closer to our family and where we grew up. Two years of my undergrad career were spent on the other side of Columbia.

However, I am different than I was when I lived there before. I’m still the same me, but I feel like an actual adult now. I’m moving back with my husband and our dog. I am moving back “home”, but it still feels like a new chapter and I don’t expect things to be as they were before I moved to Rock Hill.

Lunch at Chili’s with friends: salsa / guac and chips shared with the table and a grilled chicken salad with black bean corn salad, cheese, tomatoes, and honey lime vinaigrette.

Why are we moving? It’s a bit of a funny story. In January, after some staff changes at our church, Terry (who’s a youth pastor) faced some uncertainty about his job. We prayed for God’s will, but both wishfully hoped we would be able to stay in Rock Hill. We also hoped my dietetic internship would be in Rock Hill, so I wouldn’t have to travel much. In May, we learned that I was being placed in Columbia and would likely have to commute a total of two hours everyday. We knew it would be hard, but I was so excited for this particular experience, so I didn’t let myself worry over it.

Terry let me steal a few bites of his molten lava cake! 😛

And then in early July, Terry was offered a job in Columbia as a youth pastor. At first, Terry was not sold on the idea and didn’t want to leave his job here. However, one morning Terry woke up and felt a large sense of peace about the whole situation. He just knew that God was calling him to the church in Columbia. As Terry said, God opened a door for us and we had to step through it.

Post work-out and grocery shopping snack: chocolate Halo Top with a spoonful of Cool Whip. PS: I really hoped I wouldn’t love this stuff (it’s $$)… but it is really good. It taste like frozen chocolate pudding!  I had what was leftover from the night before. 

My feelings about the move are rather bittersweet. I’ve made some AMAZING friends here. I really think the girlfriends I made in grad school will be some of my ‘forever friends.’ The people at our church have become like family. The teens like our ‘children.’ It’s going to be so hard to say goodbye. Yet, I am one of the rare souls that likes change. Excited change, at least. A new adventure. A new home for use to get used to. New roads to run down. New coffee shops to sit in.

Dinner with friends while continue our Harry Potter marathon: Two chicken enchiladas with lots of iceberg lettuce (a requirement for Mexican food IMO), two types of salsa, sour cream, and guac. I made bean enchiladas for my veg friends. The leftovers told me those were delicious too! (A few hours later I had a spoonful of peanut butter to take with medicine!)

I have dreams that this move will help me re-focus, maybe even become a little more organized. While I don’t expect to become a new person, I do have goals I’d like to see myself carry out. I am viewing this move as an opportunity to grow in every area of my life. It’s rather exciting.

I’m eager to blog through this experience. I know it’ll be fun to look back on months after I am settled in. I also realize that I’m about to start nine months of hard work and stressful experiences with my internship. There are lots of changes happening for me. I’m planning to enjoy the experience.

Do you have any advice from your own moving experience?

Ever it Mexican (or Tex-Mex) more than once in a day?


Things you need to try (on your plate)

Things you need to try (on your plate)

Happy Monday!

How about we start the week with a few ideas for your next meals?

Things you need to try…

Sauteed veggies on a sandwich

To be honest, I am not usually one to go for a sandwich. I tend to think that they don’t fill me up as much as a salad with lots of toppings would. The real problem, I believe, is that I don’t put enough love into my sandwich making. The above sandwich was the best sandwich I’ve had in ages thanks to me treating it like Spongebob would treat his crabby patties.

How I made it: toasted two slices of hearty wheat bread with white cheddar and mashed avocado. While toasting, I sauteed chopped onions and red bell peppers with a little oil. I added the sauteed veggies to the bread, plus fresh spinach and honey mustard. It was so good!

-Goldfish on your salad

I don’t usually have Goldfish at home. Nothing against them, I just don’t usually think to buy them. Terry and I were driving down the road one day when he saw a dying bird in the road, so he pulled over and moved the bird over to the side of the road. Then he insisted that we get the bird some food, so I chose Goldfish. I can’t tell you if the bird enjoyed the Goldfish or not, but I can tell you that what wasn’t given to the bird made an excellent salad topper. I love having something crunchy on my salad and the cheesy, whole grain flavor was absolutely perfect!

Cook chicken on TOP of your veggies

I know that chicken and veggies is a pretty standard meal, but I didn’t realize how flavorful veggies could be just by cooking chicken on top of them. I followed this recipe for the most part. Next time I want to try it with cabbage!Egg noodles were a great companion to this meal. Kind of like a deconstructed chicken noodle soup.

Microwave blueberries and then top your breakfast with them

Yeah, so I’ve been doing this to pretty much every breakfast I eat these days. I love fresh blueberries, but the “cooked” ones make a great pancake or baked oatmeal topping. I told my Dad about this idea and last night he informed me that it works great on vanilla ice cream. He’s got the right thinking…

Make your own whipped cream and then dip strawberries in it

Summer’s not over yet. This needs to be on your summer bucket list! Fresh strawberries  + fresh whipped cream = best summer dessert.

Combining cucumbers and cream cheese

A friend of mine informed me of this delicious combo while at the beach one year. It works great as a sandwich, but rice cakes make for a real crunchy snack. I am a big cream cheese fan, so I’m always happy to find a new way to enjoy it.

Order an iced green tea from Starbucks and ask for a large splash of soy milk.

I’ve been drinking a lot of iced coffee this summer (a lot!). I wanted something different one morning, but I didn’t feel like handing over $5 for a fancy drink. This combo was refreshing… it reminded me a lot of the green tea frappes I used to order as a teen.

Discover anything lately that you think everyone should try?!

Top 3 Friday #19

Top 3 Friday #19

Happy Friday, friends!

It’s 8:53 pm on Thursday night and I just got home from work. It’s been a pretty good week and as all summer weeks do, it has flown by. It’s time for another installment of Top 3 Friday. Join the link-up fun next week if you haven’t already.

Top 3 Eats

  1. Breakfast @ The Yolk (aka my favorite restaurant in Rock Hill). After my friend Kelly and I went on a very sweaty run, we grabbed breakfast at The Yolk. I ordered an egg white omelette with smoked gouda and tomatoes plus a side of Tennessee fries. The seasoning they use for those potatoes is addictive! Lots of coffee to accompany this delicious breakfast. 
  2. Winner winner Chicken Dinner. While I am not a huge fan of bone-in chicken, this dinner was insanely good. This dinner involved cooking chicken legs on top of chopped potatoes, onions, carrots, and zucchini. The chicken juices flavored the veggies so well! We also had egg noodles cooked in chicken broth on the side. Terry was highly impressed with this dinner. 
  3.  This salad: leftover Chickfila chicken, Goldfish, blueberries, grape tomatoes, spinach, white cheddar, and balsamic vinaigrette. This may be my best at-home salad ever! It was so random, but the flavor was so good! 

Top 3 Lows

  1. Big news: we are moving next month. All in all, it is a very good opportunity and we are feeling excited, but the goodbyes are going to be so hard. We had to tell our youth group on Wednesday night and there were so many tears. I will share more details soon.
  2. Time is flying!!! I feel like there is so much to do right now. Blogging is falling far on the list of priorities, which makes me so sad! Summer is just a hard time for having a blogging routine since I am not working normal hours. I do miss reading all my regular blogs!
  3. Lately I’ve been having a lot of pain in my calf muscle, which is a strange thing since I have not experienced that before. Anyone have experience with calf muscle?

Top 3 Highs

  1. I have been loving our Harry Potter movie marathon this week. So far we have watched the first and second movie and we plan to watch the third tonight! I love getting together with my friends and reliving this childhood love. 
  2. I talked with my preceptor for my dietetic internship that starts at the end of August! It was short conversation, but it definitely reminded me of how excited I am to begin.
  3. On Monday afternoon I escaped to Starbucks for a little quiet time to work on internship stuff. I haven’t made enough time this summer to just work in a distraction-free enviornment, so I think this was a reminder to make it a priority. I really enjoy being “in the zone” with coffee in hand. 

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