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Hello friends!

I’m sharing my favorite dishes from this week today. First, an update: 

Things have been pretty productive around here. I’ve been trying to use most of my days studying away. Starting with a super-focused me around breakfast time…

And getting a little less focused when chilling studying by the pool with friends. 

I’ve been using the 30 minute techinique- I set my timer for 30 minutes and study study study and then take a 5-10 minute break before starting on another 30 minutes. So far, it’s been rather helpful. I suggest trying it!

I’ve made some pretty good food this week. Like this chicken teriyaki bowl and this egg/turkey/avocado sandwich

The best dishes, however, have been layered! 

1st layered dish: Easy Vegetable Lasagna from Inspired Taste. I made a few adjustments- I didn’t have lasagna noodles so I layered spaghetti noodles instead and second, I topped it off with Alfredo sauce. 

I opted to use the cottage cheese instead of ricotta to make it a little higher protein. It tasted wonderful. It was creamy and the vegetables gave it a lot of personality. Also, I highly recommend the Alfredo sauce addition! 

2nd dish that’s better layered: banana bread! Specifically, my favorite banana bread by The Real-life RD. It’s made with oat flour, has a deep cocoa flavor, and isn’t too sweet. 

I fancied it up this time and added a peanut butter drizzle in the middle and then again on the top. The picture above is the first layer and the second layer was more of the delicious same. A great snack with coffee or milk. 

I’ll be sticking with the layered theme this weekend too. We’re celebrated my Dad’s birthday, so I’ll be making a layered chocolate cake. Yum!

So you tell me-

Do you have a favorite “layered dish”?

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  1. I love that question. I think my favorite layered dish might be a Chicken Alfredo lasagna. I haven’t made one in a long time, but they are so good.

    And that technique for focusing is something I should try for working/studying. Thank you for that recommendation. 🙂
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