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On my Instagram last night I mentioned that life feels bright this week. Minus a few things nagging at me (hello post-internship worries), I feel SO excited about life right now. The weather is insanely nice, I am thinking about all things I want to do/read/bake/see in the next month, and I just listened to this podcast episode that left me feeling really buzzed. I’m imaging my post-student/intern life and man does it feel surreal. 

I think I’m also still feeling the good feels from seeing my girl, Rachel, on Monday night. She’s the friend that is basically a sister thanks to 13 years of friendship. 

She was visiting home here in Columbia, so told her we needed to try a new restaurant. The restaurant scene in Columbia has exploded over the past few years, which I think makes a great case for her to move back. 😉

Terry met us at Publico, a newish fusion restaurant. It was two dollar taco night!

Chips and salsa to share. The salsa was a little bland, but there was a pineapple mango hot sauce and garlic hot sauce on the table that we mixed with it to add some flavor. That was good. 

For my tacos, I ordered the grilled shrimp and carnitas tacos. The carinitas taco was so so yummy but the shrimp taco was meh. Mexican street corn tasted very sweet and the cream sauce was tasty. Rachel and I both agreed that next time we’ll get the carnitas taco and sweet pork belly taco (she got that one and we both loved it).

After dinner we wandered a little outdoors before I had to say goodbye. 

Till next time <3. 

How does life feel for you these days? 

4 thoughts on “A post about tacos

  1. two dollar taco night?! that’s awesome!

    life has been feeling pretty busy/hectic/stressful. Looking forward to May coming around for sure but trying to just be mindful in where I’m at now
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