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I’ve been wifi free for the past 5 days while living it up with my girlfriends at the beach. We planned this trip as a “hooray we’re done!” kind of thing and it allowed for all the relaxation I wanted. 

Today I thought I’d share some of our eats from the beach trip and then tomorrow I’ll share more of the fun. We stayed at a beach house with a full kitchen, so all our meals were made in house. A few of us really enjoy cooking, so I had a lot of fun creating meals for us all to share. Here we go-

Night one was taco night. 

Ground turkey, warm corn salsa, cheese, sour cream, guac, salsa, lettuce, and beans.

Taco + taco salad.

Night two was “fancy salad” night. 

Greens, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, boiled eggs, roasted carrots, walnuts, goat cheese, and other things like cheese & crackers.

Ice cream night number one: 

Chocolate + cookies and cream. (Those flavors need to have a baby).

Olivia cooked up some banana chocolate chip pancakes one morning… 

Drizzled with peanut butter and topped with homemade ice cream and strawberries. 

Ice cream night number two:

Coffee ice cream + heath bar bits.

Night three we had spaghetti made with veggie crumbles + salad. 

My preferred sauce : noodle ratio will never be honored by restaurants I realize. 

I made Sally’s sky high mousse pie for everyone to share. Just as good as last time! 

Night four we had a southern feast of hot dogs, sautéed squash, baked beans, Mac n’ cheese, and grilled corn. 

Hot dogs are all about the toppings. 

Our last meal together was French toast. Perfect way to use the rest of the whipped cream! 😉

You could say we were satisfied! I honestly didn’t miss going out to eat at all. 

I haven’t been able to cook as much at home this past month, but this trip was a great reminder for how relaxing it is to have time to put great meals together! I’m ready to hit the ground running after a trip to the grocery store. 

Now you tell me – 

What foods do you associate with the beach? For me it’s chips and salsa and ice cream. 


12 thoughts on “Beach Eats

  1. One thing I like about cooking fancy meals at home is that you can take as long as you want – and not feel like you still have to ‘get home’, or move on and make room for others. I appreciate that you reminded us that meals at home can be as ‘big a deal’ as eating out!

  2. Your southern feast looks really good; actually everything looks tremendously delicious. You gals know how to cook. Taco nights are pretty regular at our house; it’s just so easy. And we even did a salad night on Monday too.

  3. Katie, please come back to my house to cook! Your beach meals looked delicious. Foods I associate with the beach: grits for breakfast (to accompany any other breakfast food), my niece’s various specialties (chicken salad, slaw, pasta salad), my sister’s fried green tomatoes, and pizza on the first night (not homemade… from a local pizza place).

  4. The number one beach-y food for me are mango shakes. I guess that’s more of a drink but oh well! Your eats are making my mouth water. 😛
    Looks like a lot of fun spending time cooking with your friends! Glad you got a break and took the time to relax. You deserve it!
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