Birthday celebrations

This is me at 24. (Well, this picture is actually 1.5 days short of 24… but you get the point).

I had a great weekend celebrating my birthday. The fun started Friday when I got home from my internship. For the first stop on my birthday date night with Terry, we stopped at Trader Joe’s to pick up a few of my favorite things…. cheese and chocolate! 

Terry wouldn’t tell me what our night entailed, but I assumed it was going to be a new-to-me restaurant. We made a few detours, like Trader Joe’s and Barnes and Noble. I was mighty curious as to where we were going, but I trusted him that it would be something I’d love.

It ended up being something more than what I anticipated. He brought all my friends in town to throw me a surprise birthday party! I was actually very surprised and thrown off. He did a good job playing his part. My friends did not give me any clues either. 

My friends from grad school were there, in addition my childhood/life long BFF Rachel who lives in Nashville. My good friends Josh and Becca were there with their baby too.

We had Marco’s pizza (my fav take out pizza) and ice cream cake. Y’all, I LOVE ice cream cake. It’s seriously my favorite dessert. This one was picked out by Rachel, chocolate chip ice cream with chocolate cake.

We spent the night laughing and attempting karaoke. It was great. I was smiling the whole evening. I was so impressed that Terry was able to keep it a secret.

Terry also stuffed a pinata…

With popcorn, dark chocolate, and orbit chewing gym. The boy knows me so well!

On Saturday, I filled my day with fun.

-Bagels in the morning with my grad school friends

-Eyebrow wax in the afternoon=this was my first time doing a professional wax, I loved it! It actually felt good?

-Birthday party for my niece Abbi who turned seven. The red velvet cake turned out great, by the way! A tad stressful, but I covered it in chocolate chips to make up for my below average icing skills.

-Dinner with Rachel at an Asian restaurant we frequented when we were younger. 

My actual birthday was spent relaxing and going to church. I did celebrate with starbucks, a free sub, and a leftover slice of ice cream cake though. Thank you for all your kind wishes- texts, comments, etc. It means so much. My life is so rich.

Tomorrow I’ll be back with a more serious post. It’s about my birthday present to myself. Stay tuned!

So you tell me,

Favorite memory from the weekend?


22 thoughts on “Birthday celebrations

  1. Happy belated birthday!!!

    It’s awesome that Terry was able to get all of your friends together like that–it must have been so good to see everyone! I’m glad you had such a good weekend celebrating. 🙂
    Laura recently posted…Time to be HonestMy Profile

  2. Dearest Terry,

    HIGH FIVE. You win hubby of the month. Thank you for treating this gal right, and holy smokes you should probably go in to the Piñata making business!?

    And back to Kate. So glad you enjoyed a rightfully deserved three day spread of friends, love, good food and relaxation. I think 24 is going to be real good to you <3
    Cora recently posted…Week In Review: Thoughts on Feeling DeservingMy Profile

  3. Happy Birthday Kate! Btw, I like getting my eyebrows waxed too! It is not very often when you can lie down on a table, close your eyes, listen to relaxing spa music, and stay completely still during the day!

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