Spontaneous Saturday

My first weekend post-studying.

It was glorious. 

I woke up and made scrambled eggs and toast with peanut butter + apple pie jam. Lots and lots of coffee. 

I spent the morning preparing for the highlight of my summer- diabetes camp! This will be my third year going, and I am so excited. I’m taking on some more responsibilities this year, which makes me a little nervous, but I know it will all work out. 

 I worked lunch at Lillian’s Eatery for one last “official” time. I really enjoy the gig, so I may fill in here and there on Saturdays, but for the most part, Saturdays will be for me! 

I’ll miss the delicious lunches. That’s the house salad with hummus + bag a chips. 

Afterwards, I picked up a Costco membership (woo-hoo) and then my friend Kelly and I came to my house to chill out for a little. 

Columbia has outdoor concerts throughout the spring and summer and I finally made it to one that night. 

I love any live music really, but this band was particular good- they had a Mumford and Sons feel. Luckily the band is from Columbia, so hopefully I can see them again. I left the concert wanting more – more in terms of discovering my local music scene.

The concert was held right on the river, perfect for a scenic walk. 

This past weekend I spent a lot of time thinking about how much I enjoy this freedom of not being tied to my books. I like that I can fill my day how I’d like and not feel the burden of “I should be studying” hanging over me. 

For so long I’ve avoided spontaneity in fear I’d miss something more important. Now I’m feeling like I may miss something by not being spontaneous. This first week of transitioning from student to career woman has prompted me to think about where I want to put my time and focus. I’m still figuring it out, but one thing I know for sure is I don’t want to be boxed in or overburdened with should-be-doing-this thoughts.  


^Speaking of Tolkien, it may be a good time to finally read The Lord of the Rings! 

Food ABCs

Thank you all for the love you showed on my last post. I am still glowing with excitement!

Also, today is a very special day. It’s my third anniversary with my wonderful husband! Thank you for everything, love <3.

This week I am training at my new job, so the past two days have been a little mentally taxing. Not in a bad way, just in that way of learning something new. So for something a little more light hearted and in celebration of becoming an RDN, I thought I’d share this fun little post of some of my favorite foods. You know I love to celebrate food, so why not do it a fun, alphabetical way? Who knows, you may even get a little meal/snack inspiration! (PS I first saw this post format here)

A Almond milk



D Dark leafy greens 

E Eggs 

F Flax seed

 G Goat cheese

H hotdogs 

I Ice-y smoothies 

J Justin’s nut butter packets 

K Kettle chips 

L Lamb – but really only in my gyros 

M Ming chocolate chip ice cream 

N Northern beans 

O Oatmeal 

P Peanut butter

Q Quesadillas

R Raisins 

S Soy lattes

Tomato sandwiches

Unusually shaped fries

V Vinegar 


X X-mas leftovers 

Y Yogurt bowls


Now it’s your turn-

Name a favorite food for each letter of your name! 

Toast and other things

Happy Tuesday! 

I’m taking a study break to share a few things with you- 

-Last week I told you about how I was loving smoothies for breakfast, but smoothies don’t come without challenges. Ahem, one challenge, I should say: my blender is really dang loud. And since I like to wake up at the crack of dawn, I try to be a little considerate of the other one sleeping away. 

So breakfast has been a bit of a challenge for me. Nothing has sounded “great.” Luckily, yesterday I was able to find a winner thanks to the sweetest strawberries:

Whole grain toasts – one with peanut butter and strawberries and one with cream cheese and egg. Yum!

Nutrition tip – fortified bread is a non-heme form of iron. Non-heme forms of iron come from plant or fortified foods. Non-heme is less absorbable than heme (animal source), however, you can enhance absorption by consuming it with vitamin C. Here I have strawberries, but a glass of OJ would work too. 

-Exciting news: I bought my first watermelon of the season yesterday. 

You can bet that I’ll probably have one in my cart each week until it’s no longer in season. 

-I mentioned on Friday that I was going to make a cake for my Dad’s birthday cake on Saturday. Turned out great! I made my favorite chocolate cake and layered it with chocolate ganache and chocolate buttercream. My Dad loves chocolate just as much as me. I also made some whipped cream to go with it. I was worried about the whipped cream separating on the ride over, so I used this trick of adding gelatin to it and it held it’s shape nicely.

I made the chocolate buttercream from Add a Pinch this time which ended up being very useful since I had some tears in the cake. It did a nice job patching it up. I have to say, I’ve had a piece Sunday and yesterday and I think it gets better with time. I hope you’re still enjoying, Dad!

Now, it’s back to the books!