Meals + SCAND

Today is the day- the last day I will call myself a dietetic intern! Did I say that?!! 

Yesterday I enjoyed the intern life at the South Carolina Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Annual Meeting. RDs and dietetic interns from all over the state come together to attend presentations, network, and share research.

Before heading out, I fueled up with breakfast. 

I made warm oats, which I really never make anymore. I like them, but find them to be time consuming to make (lots of stirring) and I get bored of them towards the end of the bowl. This bowl did keep me full for pretty long, so that’s a plus.

At the meeting I got to watch various presentations by RDs on topics like nutrition labels and vegetarian diets. My favorite presentation was by Leah McGrath, Ingles supermarket RD. She discussed the importance of helping clients to not fear the food on their plates and fight against “diet demagogues” like the Food Babe and Michael Pollan who induce fear of food. 

I drank far too much coffee.

Something she said that I really liked was along the lines of “nutrition is a science, not a belief system.” We so often get caught up with the perfect ways of eatings and demonize foods while ignoring the science. While I don’t think we need to totally take the emotion out of eating, I do think it’s useful to know the science. That way we can recognize that “chemicals” in food are in such small amounts that we don’t need to fear drinking almond milk with the teensiest amount of titanium oxide. (Titanium oxide is a mineral that is used for whitening, FYI.) Most of us recognize that foods like unicorn frapuccinos are not “health foods”, however, do we realize that our bodies can use the carbohydrates and fats found in the drink for our benefit? 

Lunch was a great mix of flavors- salad, pasta salad, waffle chips, berries, and a roast beef sandwich. The bread:meat ration was a little off for me. What ratio do you like? I’m a middle person. I want more middle. Oh, but the brownie hiding in the corner was very good. Just so ya know. 

During this meeting, I thought about how the nutrition is constantly changing. Part of the reason I love the field is because it is evolving- however this can be frustrating for RDs and for consumers. For instance, many RDs find it difficult to not recommend limiting intake of eggs, because for so long eggs were thought to raise cholesterol. Now, the research tells us something different: dietary cholesterol does not impact serum cholesterol. 

Lucky for me, it is all interesting, and I’m excited to follow all of the evolving research. But remember- most of our bodies don’t need research to tell them what’s best. We were built with that mechanism if we allow ourselves to listen!

For example- my body was cravings eggs last night, so this was the perfect dinner: 

So good. That’s it for me today… 

What’s you body craving this morning? 



A post about tacos

On my Instagram last night I mentioned that life feels bright this week. Minus a few things nagging at me (hello post-internship worries), I feel SO excited about life right now. The weather is insanely nice, I am thinking about all things I want to do/read/bake/see in the next month, and I just listened to this podcast episode that left me feeling really buzzed. I’m imaging my post-student/intern life and man does it feel surreal. 

I think I’m also still feeling the good feels from seeing my girl, Rachel, on Monday night. She’s the friend that is basically a sister thanks to 13 years of friendship. 

She was visiting home here in Columbia, so told her we needed to try a new restaurant. The restaurant scene in Columbia has exploded over the past few years, which I think makes a great case for her to move back. ūüėČ

Terry met us at Publico, a newish fusion restaurant. It was two dollar taco night!

Chips and salsa to share. The salsa was a little bland, but there was a pineapple mango hot sauce and garlic hot sauce on the table that we mixed with it to add some flavor. That was good. 

For my tacos, I ordered the grilled shrimp and carnitas tacos. The carinitas taco was so so yummy but the shrimp taco was meh. Mexican street corn tasted very sweet and the cream sauce was tasty. Rachel and I both agreed that next time we’ll get the carnitas taco and sweet pork belly taco (she got that one and we both loved it).

After dinner we wandered a little outdoors before I had to say goodbye. 

Till next time <3. 

How does life feel for you these days? 

What I Ate

Look at me go! I remembered to photograph all my eats on Monday. Now it’s What I Ate Wednesday again on the blog.¬†

Breakfast was pumpkin baked oatmeal with peanut butter and blackberries. I made the baked oats a little different this time, exchanging a 1/2 cup of the oats for 1/2 cup protein powder. I have a container of protein powder still lingering around here and I’m ready to say goodbye. Tasted fine in the oats though.

With plenty of coffee, of course. And a sliver of 85% dark chocolate as always.

Around 10:30 I became very hungry, so I unpeeled an orange to quickly eat. They are SO much easier to peel at room temperature, FYI.

Lunch was an egg salad sandwich with leftover carrot fries. That egg salad was protein PACKED since I made it with greek yogurt. 

Speaking of greek yogurt, I had some key lime greek yogurt in the afternoon for a snack. it’s amazing to me how much tastier yogurt with some fat in it is compared to non-fat.

I snacked on some chocolate covered almonds when I got home and then proceeded to lay on the bed for a good 20 minutes talking to Terry. 

Eventually I got up to make dinner. Taco stuffed sweet potatoes!

The mixture had ground turkey, corn, tomatoes, spinach, onions, garlic, cumin, red pepper flakes, and sea salt. I topped mine with sharp cheddar cheese, cilantro jalape√Īo hummus, and salsa. The hummus is from Aldi and it’s my favorite ever. Me and Terry were both cleaning our plates for this dinner. So good!

We went for a walk after dinner because the weather is just so amazing and it’s finally not getting dark super early.¬†

After getting a little work done, I was in the mood for a snack. I planned to have the banana “ice cream” I made over the weekend, but I was really in the mood for some leftover frozen opera torte cake. So I went with the cake + a glass of almond milk!¬†

Honor those cravings! 

We started watching Thirteen Reasons Why and I have mixed feelings about it, but I am definitely intrigued. Anyone else watching it or have watched it?

Now you tell me- 

Favorite snack as of late?