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Anyone else really feeling Friday today?

My sleep has been not-so-great this past week, so I am really looking forward to getting some rest. My church is throwing a Fall into Fun festival on Saturday, but that is all my plans so far. The festival should be a blast- games, tons of local vendors, music, and bounce-y houses. [If you’re located in the Columbia, SC area and want more details, let me know!]

Today’s post is compilation of eats that I had over my blogging break. My eating this past week has been quite dull thanks to being on an elimination diet, so reminiscing with past favorites before I started the elimination diet is doing me some good.  You may recognize most of these from my instagram, but now you have the full story to go with. All of these eats were deeee-licious.

These chicken pitas came from a major craving to get Greek food. When I reminded myself that I could easily put together a dish myself, when had an epic dinner of chicken pitas with feta, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, and homemade tzatziki sauce. 

You know what’s torture? We pass this giant chocolate dipped ice cream cone every time we go to the river front- which is several times a week! I’ve probably hinted at stopping for an ice cream cone 100 times, but we’ve always had our rowdy dog with us. When we finally had the opportunity to stop, I had 0 disappointments. I can’t wait to go back.

This black and bleu salad was a birthday gift from Newk’s Eatery. No, they didn’t personally ask me to stop by, but they rewarded me for being a part of their Round Table Club. Newk’s is one of my favorite restaurants thanks to their big salads, toasted baguette sandwiches, and AMAZING tomato basil soup. I was in the mood for red meat and stinky cheese (I <3 gorgonzola), so this salad was my freebie.

This dinner is called “Terry ate elsewhere”. Haha! For real though, I love making a simple omelet for myself when it’s just me. This guy had lots of dried herbs and gouda cheese. Another perk, Terry hates brussel sprouts, so I got have the other half of the batch to take with me to lunch the next day. 

This salad was the bomb. I would drive back up to Charlotte just to have it again. I had this salad at Vida when I was there for one of my girlfriend’s birthday. The ingredients included “grilled red chile chicken served on a bed of mixed greens with jalapeño bacon, queso fresco, black beans, tomatoes and red onion, topped with cilantro bleu cheese dressing.” Happy tears.

Acorn squash soup (recipe) + sunflower seed butter on toast. I got this jar of sunflower seed butter on sale and it was my first time trying one without added sugar. It’s got a really different taste in my opinion, but I love it in its own way. Perfect for more savory meals. PS I’ve been adding a ton of dried oregano to my meals lately after learning about it’s role in cancer prevention. 

Pumpkin cheesecake baked oatmeal (recipe) via Marina. Inspired by Cora, I made this for breakfast one day last week and loved it! Peanut butter was added during the last minute of baking, because why not add another favorite food to that wonderful line of ingredients?

Bagel! Life is better with bagels. I also posed that little pumpkin right there so it could make the picture. Happy fall, y’all.

Last but not least, this AMAZING breakfast-for-lunch I made after church one day. The pancakes were only mediocre (bad recipe), but the toppings for them made up for it. However, the eggs were insanely good. I added sauteed mushrooms and onions and then topped it with gorgonzola cheese. I was satisfied for hours!

Now you tell me-

What’s a super satisfying meal you’ve had recently?

21 thoughts on “Good eats reel

  1. I’m happy that it’s finally feeling like fall (most days!) and chili weather is back, because a big bowl of veggie & bean chili is always so easy and satisfying! Also, thanks for sharing that tip about oregano – I’d never heard that!
    Laura Olinger recently posted…Let’s Talk FitnessMy Profile

  2. “Terry ate elsewhere” – best description of a meal ;). And it sounds delicious, too. Mmh, Brussels sprouts.
    With this being the second time in a short while I see Marina’s oats mentioned I really have to take a look at the recipe.
    Fingers crossed the elimination diet will help you figure out any issues you dealt with.
    Miss Polkadot recently posted…Flourless Hazelnut Shortbread [vegan]My Profile

  3. That ice cream looks SO GOOD! We have what we call “choc tops” at the movie cinemas in Australia and they’re essentially just an ice cream cone with a rounded scoop of ice cream and covered in chocolate and I would always BEG my mum to get them when we went to the movies 😛 Now I’m regretting she didn’t say yes every time, haha!

    I need to try that baked oatmeal!

    The most satisfying meal I’ve had lately.. hmm! Probably my ramen noodle soup! It’s always a favourite!
    Kristy from Southern In Law recently posted…Recent Things: Pancake Fails, Surprises and SunrisesMy Profile

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