I’m an RDN!

See the big smile on my face?!!

After 7 years of undergraduate, graduate, and a post-grad internship, the end is here! As of this past Saturday at 5:16 pm, I am finally Kate Bennett, MS, RDN. 

From the first moment that I realized that my journey was leading down this path to become a Registered Dietitian, I have not once second guessed that this was the right decision. Nutrition and dietetics is what I love and I cannot wait to utilize my knowledge and enthusiasm with the world. 

I am eager to spread the message that food should never be associated with guilt but with joy and energy, we don’t have to ignore the desires and cues of our bodies to be healthy, and that there is more to life than what our diet-obsessed society wants us to realize. 

I am so pumped to live out this career and see where all it takes me. You can bet I will have more to share as I begin to process this new stage of life. Right now, I am thrilled that my evenings after work will be free without homework and that my weekends can be enjoyed without the feeling of “I should be working on that assignment right now…” I plan to checkout books from the library, find more exercises I love, and bake some crazy new things inspired by The Great British Bake Off. 

As for the RD exam, I am SO glad that it is over. The best way I know how to describe it is random and frustrating. I am still having to take deep breaths when I think about it. Phew. 

Thank you all for all the kind, encouraging, and loving support you’ve given me over the past few years. It’s been everything to me. <3 <3

Lastly, look out- this week I have a fun post coming up on my recent grocery store trip and I can’t wait to tell you how my first days at my job go. 

16 thoughts on “I’m an RDN!

  1. You’ve worked so hard and accomplished great things. Can’t wait to see what the future holds–which includes more time with ME since you don’t have to study ALL the time!!

  2. Eeeek! Congratulations, Kate! Times a million. Not only are you an RD now but the world has another amazing one at that. Following your journey I’ve said it probably way too often already but your passion for this profession sparks throughout all of your post and I have no doubt you’ll be awesome at doing this. I wish I’d had an RD like you when I met with one before.
    Enjoy your newfound ‘freedom’!
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  3. Even though it happened earlier in the year-congrats on becoming an RD!!!

    I noticed in your about me section you said you completed your undergrad in public health, not nutrition. Because of not being on a dietetic track (or were you at an accredited school??) did ou have to take some prerequisite classes prior to being able to apply for the internship and take the RD exam?

    I’m currently in undergrad for exercise science, however have the goal to become an RD and as my school is not accredited, I am not sure if I would ultimately be able to apply for the internship and take the exam when I graduate!

    hopefully this all makes sense hahaha, I’m all over the place when it comes to thinking about the future!

    1. My bachelors was a BS so they did take care of a lot of the prerequisites. However, many of the prerequisites were not offered at my undergrad so I took them in conjunction with taking courses for masters. I completed all the DPDs (prerequisites for internship) and got my masters prior to starting my internship. It was a 7 year journey starting with my undergrad. Even if I opted not to get my masters, it still probably would have taken 1.5 years to complete the remaining prerequisites.

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