Charleston anniversary trip

Hey guys! I hope you had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend for those of you were celebrating!

Today I am recapping my Charleston trip that Terry and I took last week to celebrate our 2 year anniversary.

Terry and I have visited Charleston too many time to count, but we’ve never actually stayed over night there. After I was reassured by a friend that Airbnb was legit, I decided to give it a go. We found a room very cheaply and were super pumped about how it turned out.

We chose Charleston because I had a doctor’s appointment scheduled down there and the timing around our anniversary was perfect.

On the way there, we stopped for a quick lunch. My favorite fast food lunch: a salad + fries. Bonus points for curly fries!

When we got to Charleston, our first stop was the aquarium. Terry has been saying for years that he wanted to visit the aquarium, so I made the executive decision to take him there ;).

First animal: this cute little guy

My favorite exhibit was the otters. “Water dogs” is a perfect name for them. Watching them was so fun- they are such playful creatures.

The albino alligator was pretty cool too. Did you know most adult albino alligators won’t live until adulthood, because they have no camoflauge? I will say that I felt like the tank needed to be larger… poor guy looked so cramp.

I also got to touch water creatures like sting rays and a small shark species. So cool!

All of the tank exhibits were so majestic. I probably could have spent hours just watching the large tank.

After the aquarium, we settled into our room. Our host was very sweet & helpful and had the sweetest pups.

When it came time for dinner, we went a restaurant called the Noisy Oyster that was right downtown.

Grilled Mahi Mahi plus collards for me (the hush puppy was a nice touch)

Shrimp boil and fries for T

We both thought the food to be just okay. Sadly my fish was way overcooked. I loved the atmosphere though. Sitting right by the open window to Market Street was great.

Moon pie cafe stop!

After walking around Charleston for a bit, we decided to drive out to Isle of Palms. Ice cream on the beach any one? 😉

We got settled in pretty late, but still watched a movie on Terry’s iPad.

Lucky for us, sleeping in was an option! Yay vacation. After slowly getting ready the next morning, we went to breakfast at The Lost Dog Cafe. The place is dog-friendly and has a ton of dog pictures all over the wall. It made us miss our little Jules.

Lost Dog Cafe Huevos Rancheros (bean and cheese quesadilla topped with two eggs, veggies, and salsa) for me

Pineapple pancakes with lots of toppings for T

We found both dishes to be wonderful. The quesadilla was the BOMB.

Next stop was Folly Beach. We did all the beach-y things: laid out, went for a brief dip (too cold for me!), built sandcastles, went for a walk, collected shells, and laid out some more. It was perfect.

For lunch we went to a pizza place named Woody;s. While pizza always sounds good, what I was really craving was breadsticks! And boy were their breadsticks just what I was looking for! Perhaps the best thing I ate on the whole trip?!

I also had the house salad while Terry got the gigantic meatball sub.

After lunch, we went and got ready for exploring downtown a bit. We walked through the market, to the battery, and through some of the backstreets exploring.


We walked past the church where the tragic shooting (Charleston 9) happened less than a year ago. There were flowers all around the gate. It was nice to see several “Charleston strong” signs around the the city too.

Dinner was at Jestine’s, as suggested by my parents. It was a bit of an upscale southern restaurant. Very cozy. They started us with freshly pickled cucumbers that I loved.

My favorite part of the meal, however, was the cornbread they brought out prior to our meal. It was my favorite kind of cornbread, not sweet, but with a side of honey and butter.

Blackened chicken with fried okra and okra gumbo for me… What can I say, I love okra!

Seafood platter with macaroni and cheese plus cole slaw for T.

I’ve got to try making blackened chicken!! So yummy.

With full bellies, we headed to a beach we hadn’t been to yet: Sullivan’s island. This was the prettiest in my opinion. It looked the most primitive, with rocks and crab shells. The sunset was absolutely stunning too. Perfectly romantic.

On the way back we stopped at Publix bakery for a sweet treat: Brownie cup with buttercream dipped in chocolate fangs ganache.

We enjoyed it while we watched another movie. It was a bit earlier in than the last night, but I had an early morning doctors appointment!

Thursday was less than exciting with one diagnostic test and one doctors appointment. However we managed to fit in one last trip to the beach, this time a light house. It’s off the beach on an island, but still really close from the shore.

The ocean has it’s own way of making me feel so incredibly small, but also so incredibly full.

We followed our brief beach adventure up with burgers at East Bay Deli. Massive turkey burger for me!

East Bay Deli is the lunch break destination of my dreams!

After my final doctor’s appointment, we hit the road to go home and get our girl Jules. The last few days I’ve been thinking “take me back!”, but I am grateful for the opportunity we had. Terry and I made it work by each saving $10 a week for several months. Now it’s time to get that fund started again!

So you tell me-

Have you been to Charleston?

What do you like to do at the beach?


Top 3 Friday #11

Hey there, friends!

Terry and I just got back from our mini-vacation to Charleston. We had a blast and I can’t wait to tell you about it! I’m pretty worn out from all the fun and sun, so I’m cutting to the chase with this post. Also, THANK YOU for all your sweet anniversary wishes! It was a beautiful one.

Now, for Top 3 Friday! The link-up is at the bottom. To link-up, just make a blog post with your top 3’s of the week. Feel free to come up with your own categories! Just link back to me 🙂 I am excited to see this baby grow!

Top 3 Eats (Okay, THIS is hard. I had some great eats this past week.)

  1. Granddaddy’s burgers at my Mom’s church picnic. These burgers are famous among anyone who has eaten them. Mine was especially good with all the fixings. 
  2. Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Cherry Garcia on the beach shared by Terry and I. Can it get much better? 
  3. Bread sticks & marinara sauce. I have been craving this combo for too long, so for one of the meals on our vacation we stopped at a pizza place on Folly Beach called Woody’s. I also had a wonderful salad, but these bread sticks really satisfied my long-standing craving. 

Top 3 Lows

  1. Not so great news at my doctor’s appointment. After two not-so-fun medical test, I learned that I didn’t have pelvic floor dysfunction (good), but that the only option left for my colonic inertia is surgery. The risk with surgery is possible fertility complications. I don’t really know how to put my feelings about this into words, but it’s not what I wanted to hear.
  2. Sleepiness. A combination of the sun and too little sleep has me ready to fall asleep at the drop of a hat.
  3. Mmm… I’m going to go with cramps for this last one.

Top 3 Highs

  1. Vacation is obviously my #1! I have too much to share for a bullet, so I am looking forward to sharing about our anniversary trip to Charleston next week.
  2. Lots of friend time! I’ve been taking full advantage of the summertime by making time with friends and family. Last weekend I hosted a fun cupcake tasting and then we had a game night/pot luck that was full of laughs too.  
  3. Visiting back home. On Sunday I got to see most of my family, which was nice. My Mom’s church held a community service and picnic Sunday night that was a lot of fun! Plus chilling at my parents’ house was a nice way to relax. 

Top 3 Instagrams

^I love her!

^So excited to see the new movie!!

Top 3 Reads

Are you living for right now? via Mindful Eats & Treat

“Girl on the Train” by Paula Hawkins -> finally read it. Couldn’t put it down.

Easy ways to cook more if you’re a busy millennial via Dani California Cooks

Now your turn, add your link up:

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What your top 3 highs this week?


New and rediscovered foods

I’m linking up with Thinking Outloud Thursday for a random food post!

I tend to stick to my routine foods when I buy groceries, but every now and then I find something I want to try. Here’s a brief list of foods that are either new to me or ones that I recently rediscovered and love.

Pork skins
: is this weird? Because it is to me! I saw them on Clean Eating Veggie Girl and I knew I needed to give them a try. They are pork skins + salt. That’s all. I remember people eating them in my childhood, but I could not remember what they tasted like. I love their crunch and salty taste! They are a fun swap for chips. 

One thing to note, as a nutrition note, is that the protein in them isn’t really a significant source of protein. The protein in them is not “complete” because they are missing some of the essential amino acids. 

Cottage cheese
: this isn’t a new food, but I tend to go through stages with it. My senior year of high school I had a cottage cheese double every night as a snack. When I moved to college I always had some on my salads from the salad bar in the cafeteria. I realized that I actually enjoy it more than yogurt! It’s great as a sweet or savory side.

: thank you summer! Do I need to say anything else? I call it “rediscovered” since I don’t have it year around. 

: obviously with my new job I’ve become quite the cupcake enthusiast. This past weekend I had some friends over for a game night during which we all tasted several cupcakes.

Cupcake hangovers are very real.

Soy milk
: back in the day before almond milk was so popular, I was a soy milk drinker. While I still prefer almond milk to drink, I think soy milk is my secret to enjoyable homemade iced coffees!

: because my loyalty and love for Aldi keeps me going there and nowhere else, wraps kind of fell out of my life since they didn’t sell the whole grain ones at my store. Now that I can get them there, I’ve been enjoying foods wrapped in them! Breakfast burritos, turkey burger quesadilla, and egg salad wraps.

PB2: I bought this on and a whim and love using it as a sauce for banana slices or pancakes.

Have you tried any new foods recently?