Recipes I’ve Loved (Recently)

It’s recipe sharing time! 🙂

Terry is by definition a Cookie Monster. cookies are his favorite dessert, easily. I love cookies too, but they aren’t my favorite dessert- brownies, ice cream, chocolate, and anything whipped cream all go before cookies for me. With that said, I still think I know a good cookie. 

These Easy Peasy Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookies by Kim’s Cravings are a very good cookie. I swapped the honey for molasses and they turned out very special! I need to work on discovering the magic of molasses in other things too. 

One thing I don’t make enough for us is brinner. I remember as a kid I would love when my mom would make us Hungry Jack pancakes for dinner. Those were so fluffy! I found a really nice pumpkin pancake recipe that Terry and I enjoyed Sunday night. 

I’ve just recently come around to bacon (still figuring out how I like it best), but this was a super yummy combo. I used a peanut butter chocolate PB2 powder to make a yummy sauce for my stack. The pancake recipe is from Well Plated. Best thing about the recipe is that it’s made in the blender. I don’t have buckwheat flour so I used a combo of all-purpose and oat flour.

Sweet potatoes are typically hanging around at my house. Unlike most of you other health nuts, sweet potatoes are not my favorite potato. I like them stuffed with Mexican flavors and I love them roasted, but I’m not much of a fan of baked sweet potatoes (I probably overdid them at one point). Now, however, I know that I am a fan of sweet potatoes in pizza form. 

I used Kat’s recipe for the sweet potato crust. It exceeded my expectations! It was not overly coconut floury at all. If I keep finding all these awesome alternative pizza crusts, I may never mess with yeast again. 

One day after church, I was in the mood to make a fancier than usual meal. Often times I will focus on one component of the meal and then just throw a few very simple things with it. this day I focused on two things- meatballs made with butternut squash and carrots (no recipe- sorry) and elbow noodles with a light cheese sauce. 

The cheese sauce from Eating Well has very mixed reviews, but we really liked it! It may be because I added an ounce on cream cheese to it… I suggest tasting it as you go and adding more spices until you find you like it.

Do you want a super duper easy meal? Make this three ingredient creamy pasta- noodles + marinara + cream cheese.

The recipe is from Addicted to Yum. I added garlic, salt, and oregano for some extra flavor.  

Oh and ugly lunches are still going strong. This week’s featured tuna salad, pasta salad, and my favorite beet salad– you must try that one!


Have you tried any awesome recipes lately? Do share!!

9 thoughts on “Recipes I’ve Loved (Recently)

  1. Always so in love with your meals. This post gave me so much food inspiration! 🙂 That salad may not have been the prettiest, but it looks SO flavourful and texture-ful – the keys to a great lunch! Have a lovely rest of the week <3
    Cindy recently posted…Return of the Pretty OatsMy Profile

  2. Like you, I’m still figuring out where/how I like my bacon. I know I like it in breakfast sandwiches, but not on its own. But I DO know bacon is incredible with maple syrup and pancakes. That sweet and salty thing at its finest.
    Good call adding the cream cheese. Cream cheese always helps.
    Cora recently posted…Seeing The Beautiful Things.My Profile

  3. Ok… So all of these look absolutely amazing, especially that creamy pasta. And the ones I’ve tried lately have been Sarah’s (Bucket List Tummy) Pumpkin Granola Bars (Have you tried?), Kat’s Chocolate Zucchini Cake, Kat’s Apple Cinnamon Cupcakes (rave reviews on those!), and a pumpkin bread recipe from Simplific All of them have been so good! Now I would really love to go get some sweet potatoes and spaghetti squash to get started on some recipes from some of my fave food bloggers; have you stuffed a spaghetti squash?
    Emily recently posted…WIAW: Why I’m Content with My Stocky BodyMy Profile

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