Sometimes busy is worth it

I’ve got mixed feelings about “busy”. Since I was a freshman in college, I’ve had very few periods of time where I didn’t feel busy. We live in a busy busy busy world. For me, even on the days that I know I don’t have plans, I end up making plans. Not always, but I more than often don’t choose to sit still on days without plans.

Throughout my internship, I’ve felt like I had a lot of things to do. As an intern, I have responsibilities while at the hospital, but I also have assignments to complete for the school. It’s nothing unreasonable, but it does leave the feeling of constantly having something on the to do list.

Someday I really want to fight the business. I crave a day with no plans or obligations. 

But then I think about how I haven’t seen my sister in a few weeks and how I miss her. So on our free night, I invited her over dinner and made us a delicious lasagna. 

While I love a day or evening with no plans, I don’t want my life to be all about work. I want to make time for relationships, hobbies like blogging and running, and spiritual growth. So sometimes I make my life a little more hectic so that it can include those things too. 

Younger me was scared to be social or make plans, because I feared it would impact my grades or my health (which at the time had more to do with my weight). Now, however, I embrace some of the crazy because I know it makes my life richer. 

I do find that I can sometimes cross the line into overly busy and I have to take a step back. The busy in my life should come from adding in things that make my life better. However, sometimes life gets busy just by saying YES too often. 

I just had a busy (the good kind) weekend with my friends. It involved laser tag, trampoline parks, birthday cake, and paella. 

I’m not saying busy is something to strive for- I tend to think the opposite- however, sometimes busy is worth it if it means your life is filled with happy inducing experiences and builder stronger bonds. 


10 thoughts on “Sometimes busy is worth it

  1. Very good point! For me, I’ve found that it’s hard to remain engaged with friends and family throughout the week since completing school and entering the working world. I feel so tired from the work day that it’s hard to find that balance of over busy and still missing my loved ones! You’re so right though, sometimes we have to make that time even when we’re tired from our work days because life is more than that!
    Heather @ Polyglot Jot recently posted…Monthly Must-Haves: January 2017My Profile

  2. Absolutely! There is a difference between being busy with energy draining/soul sucking/stressful tasks that we feel we “must do” – or that are being “forced” upon us – and busy because we want to juice every drip out of our lives and fill it with the people and things that fill our souls. There should be a different word for the two types of busy. Of course even in the latter there is still necessity for plain alone time or vegging time doing nothing. I always take so much inspiration from you and how you put so much importance on your time with friends and family. I love how you are always finding new ways to spend your time together and always make it such true bonding time (which classics like laser tag!! amazing!!).
    Cora recently posted…The Fatigue of Open Time: The Time I Finished My To-Do List (Week In Review)My Profile

    1. Yes that’s a great way to put it- two types of busy! I do crave alone time, so I try to get up a little earlier in the morning to get that. Laser tag was for a friend’s birthday! What a fun idea he had- right??

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