Update on life

Hey friends. Long time, no real talk. 

To start off, I’ll give you an exciting update: I have a job!! I’ll be working as a clinical dietitian starting later this month. I am thrilled to be getting more experience in the clinical setting, because I know it will help me be a better counselor. I am so excited for this new journey.

Now, I just have to study study study for the big RD exam.  

In other news, life has been busy! We just got back from Alabama where went to see our friends, Shane and Hannah. We went to see Shane be ordained (an important step in the life of a minister) and soaked up the moments we had together.

Have you ever heard of the Unclaimed Baggage Center? It’s this cool place in Alabama where they sell people’s unclaimed baggage and company’s unclaimed cargo for really cheap. We visited and I was amazed at the low prices- I score a jean jacket for $12.00 and a new lunch box for $4.00. If it was closer to me, I’d totally do all my clothes shopping there. Check out the place here– very cool.

It was my first time to Alabama and Jules’s, our dog, first time on a long trip! She did surprisingly well which gives me hope for more opportunities in the future. If you didn’t know, Jules is a very energetic pup. 

Speaking of road trips, Terry and I usually eat fast food while on the road. I’m typically a person who prefers to cook rather than eat fast food, but I have to tell you my soft chicken taco from Taco Bell was pretty satisfying. 😛

Also, I realized I said I’d put up a post about the fun at the beach, but I haven’t had a chance to write out a long post. Just know there was a ton of dancing, laughing, and sun-burning. Ouch. 

Already looking forward to my next escape! 

I think in the next few weeks I’ll be sharing shorter post, more “here’s what I ate” or “here’s what I did.” The majority of my days will be in the books (here I come RD exam!), but I hope to share more frequently.

So you tell me-

Favorite fast food order?


8 thoughts on “Update on life

  1. I love short and long blog posts, and I love short life updates! It’s wonderful to hear that you have a job, and it will be fun to hear about how that goes.

    Soft chicken tacos are my favorite kind of tacos; I’ve never tried those from Taco Bell.

    1. It’s a long term care/rehab facility. It’s nice because I’ll get to know my patients a little bit.
      I assume people find it to be too much trouble to go and find it? Like when baggage gets mixed up or they are in a hurry? Who knows!

  2. Congrats on the job!!!! It must be so rewarding to see your hard work finally paying off.
    I’ve heard of that unclaimed baggage store, but I’ve never made it up to that part of AL. If I ever pass through, you’d better believe I’ll be stopping there, though. Have a great remainder of your week!
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